How To Build Your Personal Brand as a Recent Graduate

Grads will often ask how do they stand out from the crowd when they don’t have experience? 

The key is to build your personal brand through your CV.
Your personal brand ideally encapsulates your values, interests, experience, skills and what makes you special. We are finding that more companies are not selecting candidates based on marks alone.
Employers are seeking well-rounded individuals who can communicate their values, interests, coursework, employment history and community commitment. 
In the context of employment, this is your personal brand at the beginning of your career. 

What makes you standout? Where have you invested your time during your studies?  What are you currently doing whilst actively looking for a job?

What makes you special might include the following: 
Have you worked part time during your university studies, regardless of the role? This shows commitment and discipline.
Did you join a professional association related to your area of specialisation as a student member?
What networking and industry events did you attend?
Have you completed an internship? 
Have you volunteered to participate in industry related projects? 
What community work have you done? 
What side projects do you have?
What are your interests?
How do you enjoy spending your time? 
Have you participated in blogs or podcasts?

These are just some of the factors that build your personal brand to employers.

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